I’m Sofia. I’m a gal from Los Angeles, currently in the midst of a gap year. I am fiercely passionate about intersectional feminism, progressive political action and activism, creating inclusive publishing spaces, and reinventing the literary canon. I’m a staff writer for Adolescent and Lithium Magazine, where I write about a whole hodgepodge of topics, spanning female rage, queer literature, Mitski’s connection to the existential, politics, youth civic engagement, the weirdness and fluctuations of sexuality and desire, to the little rebirths of cleaning out one’s closet and how identity-fracturing Tinder is. Feminism is my lifeblood and everything I write, make, do, is eyed through an intersectional lens. You can find my work in many places, including Rookie, the LA Times, among others. I read compulsively and am Editor-in-Chief of A Tired Heroine, an online and print magazine exploring the intersections of feminism and literature. I like Harry Styles (especially his dazzling floral suits) and fighting voter suppression. Being equally consumed by a myriad of restless passions, it's sometimes (always) difficult to somehow remember how to reconnect with myself and have a space to see how all of the "mes" that exist can interact with one another. I make a lot of zines because they are, to me, the most effective and multifaceted way of figuring this all out, somehow. To be frank, I am sometimes ambitious beyond my own logic and endurance- so here I am, world. All this is me and that's okay. All in all, what do I want? I want this world to be a place where teenage girls feel capable and able of being exactly who they are, unapologetically, safely, and without overwhelming self-doubt. I want to reclaim the word "femme" and draw my own power from it. Nice to meet you.

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